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Flushing, NY
You have to put in the time and make it count during your workouts

I think both intensity and duration are important factors in an exercise routine. However, I believe that intensity plays a larger role. Moderate to high intensity exercise is necessary to reach fitness goals. Measuring your heart rate and or using an RPE scale is necessary to determine the intensity level. On the other hand, duration can be done in various ways. An individual can break up their time (such as 30 minutes) throughout the day or do it in one session. Without the correct intensity for an individual the exercise sessions will not be as effective in reaching their goal.

I enjoy spinning, yoga, and pilates. Spinning is a great cardiovascular exercise that pushes an individual to the next level. Yoga and pilates balances mind, body and strengthens the body. I enjoy the fact that when doing Yoga or Pilates, breathing and concentrating on the movement is an essential part of doing the movement correctly.

Weight management, nutrition and populations with risk factors, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
B.S. Exercise Science and Sports Medicine
M.S. Exercise Science
ACSM Health Fitness Instructor certified
Licensed WellCoach

8 years in the fitness field as an exercise physiologist for cardiac rehabilitation, a personal trainer, a program director, and a wellness coordinator.

Health Fitness Instructor - ACSM
Virtual Trainer -