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All of our fitness experts are real trainers that work in fitness everyday with people just like you,browse through, checkout their qualifications,training philosophies. We're here to get you results!

BirthBrooklyn, New York

Life is what you put in to it and that is how training is. There is no quick fix and everything you gain is from planning and hard work. Set your goals and then create a plan of action to get you there, is life any different!

My favorite exercises are plyometric drills. I like plyometric drills because they can be sport specific and they can include any muscle group you can think of. After doing plyometrics you are exhausted but you have a sense of accomplishment!

I specialize in helping people train for life. When you train you mostly think of the major players that go into a certain motion but it's the stablizing group of muscles that keeps everything together. Unfortunately that's the group that usually doesn't get trained.
I have a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from Kean University. I have attended classes at Rutgers University in the School of Engineering.

I have been in the fitness field for over 10 years and I have competed in major sports on a collegian level. I try to engage in basketball and flag football leagues at least once a year. I also compete in USTA track and field meets during the summer.