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BirthSeoul, Korea
Life is the most precious gift...treat it well.

My philosophy for training is the same one I apply to life: everything in life is based on a continuum, including health and fitness. There are choices you can make to move you towards the healthier end of that continuum as well as things that will push you towards the opposite side. The object is to find a balance between the two without going to either extreme. The training should be based around individualized goals, interests and focused on functional movements with the intentions of improving your activities of daily life, or sport specific skills.

My favorite exercises to perform and to teach are core strenghtening exercises and body weight drills. I think that core strength is the foundation to build upon for strengthening all other parts of the body. Abdominal and back strength are crucial for preventing injuries and gaining peripheral strength. Performing drills and activities with body weight as the source of resistance is functional and will also help with coordination, balance and core stabilization.

Post-Rehabilitation Fitness, Recreational Sports, Post-Cardiac Rehabilitation Fitness, Sports Medicine and Athletic Training, Pre/Post Physical and Occupational Therapy Fitness, Health and Fitness for Physicall/Mentally Challenged Adults and Children
1993-1996 College Misericordia, Dallas, Pa. Major: Physical Therapy
1996-1998 West Chester University, West Chester, Pa. Degree: Bachelors of Science, Kinesiology

2002-Present: Exercise Specialist, Plus One Fitness, New York/New Jersey
2000-2001: Physical Therapy Assistant, Main Line Medical Exercise, Bryn Mawr, Pa
1999-2000: Lead Facilitator, ReMed Recovery Care Centers (Traumatically Brain Injured Adults/Autism), Malvern, Pa
1993-1996: Physical Therapy Volunteer Assistant, various facilities
1989-1993: Student Athletic Trainer, for all high school sports