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BirthDrexel, Missouri
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!

Attaining and maintaining good health and fitness must be incorporated into your life until it becomes a lifestyle habit. One key is to include a variety of activities that you enjoy and can continue for a lifetime.

Spinning and weight barring exercises including: push ups, pull ups, dips, rope climbing and obstacle courses.

Care, prevention and treatment of athletic injuries. Sports specific exercise (golf, tennis, running, biking, swimming, adventure sports), Abs and back strengthening.
BS degree in Exercise Science, Central Missouri State University; Certified ACSM, Health and Fitness Instructor; Certified Johnny G Spin Instructor; Certified in CPR and first aid.

I served as a Student Athletic Trainer in college, where I evaluated, treated and assisted in the rehabilitation of numerous sports related injuries. I have trained golfers and pro and semi pro tennis players at country clubs throughout the Midwest. I have over 5 years experience teaching abs & back and body sculpting group exercise classes. I am experienced in and have trained individuals to increase proficiency in kayaking, scuba diving, running, biking and swimming.