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Birth Place
Kokomo, Indiana
A smile is a wrinkle that should never be removed

America has more to eat than any other country in the world
and more diets to keep us from eating it!

My advice: DON’T DIET! Throw away the scale! Make healthy eating a lifestyle! Remember what Momma always said,
Eat your fruits and veggies!” Educate yourself on healthy habits and make exercise and good nutrition a way of life. Stay active by finding an exercise you enjoy, so that you will WANT to keep your body moving. Exercise should be a JOY, not a BURDEN

Set realistic goals! Do NOT expect overnight results. It took time to get the body you have now, it will take some time to achieve the body you desire. Learn to appreciate the body type you have and then make that body the best you can on a step by step, day by day basis! DON'T give up! Stay focused

I am committed to mentally, physically, and spiritually inspiring, motivating and challenging others to make fitness and nutrition a part of a healthy lifestyle that lasts a lifetime

My Philosophy: GET FIT! STAY FIT!

Pushups, Pullups, Plyometrics, Exercise Ball Abs, Kickboxing and Free Weight Exercises.

Sports Nutrition, Weight Loss, Fitness, Health, and Nutrition for the Whole Family, Pregnancy Fitness and Nutrition, Children's Fitness (Increase Muscle, Decrease Fat), Miss Fitness and Bodybuilding Nutrition & Exercise, Gymnastics Training, Martial Arts Training, Sports Specific Training (Volleyball, Basketball, & Tennis)
October 1993 to Present
Registered Dietitian (R.D.) License through American Dietetic Association (A.D.A.)
Special Focus: Sports Nutrition

1992-1993 Marywood College-Scranton, PA
Approved Graduate Pre-professional Program in Foods and Nutrition -May, 1993
Cumulative G.P.A 3.83/4.00
Sports Nutrition Masters Program

1988-1992 Valparaiso University-Valparaiso, IN
Bachelor of Science in Dietetics-May, 1992
Summe Cum Laude Honors
Dietetic G.P.A.: 3.98/4.00
Cumulative G.P.A.: 3.91/4.00

1998-now Homemaker/Teacher/Public Speaker/Writer
I currently home school my three children, and speak on various nutrition and health topics for various churches and home school groups. I am currently working on co-authoring a biography book about a USA Ironman Triathlete Champion.

1997-1998 HOME B.A.B.E WORKOUT Personal Trainer
Provided one on one training for clients in their home using the elastic bands and the exercise ball (BANDS and BALL Exercise --B.A.B.E.)

1994-1995 Personal Trainer/Registered Dietitian
Metro Sports Club, Salt Lake City, UT.
Provided one on one personal training and presented weekly nutrition seminars for the corporate wellness program.

1995-1998 Personal Trainer/Registered Dietitian/Nutrition Consultant
Bally’s Total Fitness Health Club
Midvale, UT
Provided one on one personal training and presented monthly nutrition seminars for club members

1993-1995 Personal Trainer/Registered Dietitian/Fitness Supervisor
Sportsplex, New Windsor, NY
Provided one on one personal training. Instructed several twelve week weight loss Programs
Think Light” focusing on healthy lifestyle changes. Supervised and scheduled work hours for thirteen fitness employees and developed programs for retention of a 1500 member IRSA facility.

1994, 1995 American Gladiators Junior Programming Director
Sportsplex, New Windsor, NY
Designed an American Gladiators Junior Camp for ages 7 to 13 for two summers. Re-enacted all the gladiator games for over 200 camp kids

June, 1994 American Gladiators Contender
Samuel Goldwyn Co./ Four Star Productions
Studio City, CA
Competed as a contender on the television show
American Gladiators”. Televised air date April 15, and June 24, 1995). $2500 Show Winner.

June, 1993 Nutrition Counselor for Overweight Children
Camp Camelot, Millersville, PA
Instructed obese and overweight children on nutrition and exercise. Spent the summer at the camp encouraging the children to eat healthy

1990-1993 Gymnastics Instructor
Arrastarrs Gymnastics Academy, Valparaiso, IN
Instructed USGF team and Junior National Qualifiers for three summers

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Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist - NSCA
Emergency Response Certification - AFAA