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Birth Place
Nicosia, Cyprus
"Live authentically." - J.P. Sartre.

The challenge for a good trainer is to turn the scientific theory and research into effective practice. There is a lot of material that can help us in prescribing appropriate workout routines for each member. Making the workout match the clients' abilities and goals is one of the most important aspects of our trade. We deal with a wide range of clients: from young and healthy all the way to not so young & sedentary, and we even have hypertensive and hypercholesterolemic clinets, as well as some who have been diagnosed with such serious ailments as heart disease, osteoporosis, etc. It is our responsibility to be competent in applying the appropriate training principles when training our clients. Even more important than this is training safety. Under no circumstances should we attempt anything that may even be remotely dangerous to a client. Before we address a client's goals we have to make sure that the least we can do is not hurt them, nor exacerbate an existing condition.

Outdoor road cycling, Yoga, anything functional, especially using the "Physioball" and cables.

Resistance training, optimizing cycling performance, body fat reduction, exercise for older individuals, exercise for heart patients, some sport specific training, some functional exercise.
B.A. Queens College double major in art and philosophy; graduate courses at the Graduate Faculty of the New School in philosophy and psychoanalytic studies; M.Sc.Ed. Queens College in exercise science.

I have worked as a trainer for both commercial & corporate fitness facilities. I have also served as assistant manager in one of the best gyms in lower Manhattan! I have participated in workshops preparing candidates for A.C.S.M. H.F.I. cartifications. My personal involvement with physical activity goes back several years, & has had many forms: martial arts, soccer, military training, & many others.

Health Fitness Instructor - ACSM