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About Plus One
Plus One Active delivers individual workout plans designed to meet a person's goals whether they are working out themselves or working out at a gym. In addition, with Plus One Active there is also the option to work with an Expert Trainer

Perfect for the individual who wants a self-driven approach to working out, but is uncertain about where to begin and what is most suited to meeting their goals, with or without access to a gym. With Plus One Active there is choice of working alone or with an online personal trainer.

Plus One Active provides a 12 week workout plan, based upon personal goals. It also includes tracking and charting features.

Plus One Active Expert; is a month-to-month workout program that is also tailored to personal goals, but with the advice, encouragement, and insight of an Expert Trainer.

Plus One Active is a product of Plus One - one of the nation's premiere providers of corporate fitness centers and a leader in the health and wellness industry. Embracing the intelligence and experience of Plus One Expert Trainers, exercise programs, and advanced technology, Plus One Active gives individuals the resources needed to achieve their goals.

Plus One Active has partnered with McDonald's as the online workout platform for the McDonald's Go Active program. Plus One Active is also the platform for The Knot's program to help marrying women achieve their personal goals.